How to Find Your Lost iPhone Using the Find My App

How to Find My iPhone

We believe our smart devices for nearly everything, so it is easy to panic if one among them goes missing. Luckily, the Find My app makes it very easier than ever to locate a lost iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, whether it’s still at the office or slipped down the rear of the couch.

If you’ve never used the Find My app to seek out a missing device before, follow the steps below to find out everything you would like to understand.

Open The Find My App

Apple introduced the Find My app as a mixture of the Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps that existed before. you’ll use the Find My app to locate any of your other Apple devices, even choosing to urge directions thereto location and locking the device until you arrive.


If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is lost or stolen, the primary step to require is to sign in to the Find My app using another device. you sometimes have two options for a way to try to do this.

Use Another one among Your Apple Devices

If you own quite one Apple device, you’ll use Find My from the remaining devices to locate the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that went missing.

The Find My app is out there as a stock app on any device running iOS, iPad, or macOS. If you cannot find it, use the Spotlight search function.

After opening the Find My app, attend the Devices tab to ascertain all the Apple devices linked to your Apple ID account.

Use The iCloud Website From Any Device

If you do not have the other Apple devices to use with Find My, you’ll use a non-Apple device to access the iCloud website instead. It doesn’t matter if you employ someone else’s device for this, goodbye as you remember to sign out afterward.

All you would like to try to do is open any browser on any device or computer and use your Apple ID to check in to iCloud.

 After signing in, click the Find iPhone button to look at all of your connected Apple devices. This web version of the Find My app offers all the equivalent features you would possibly get to locate your lost or stolen devices.

View Your Device’s Last Known Location

Once you open Find My and check in to your Apple ID account, you ought to see a map showing the situation of all of your devices. Any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and set of AirPods connected to your own Apple ID appears with its own pin on the map.

The service uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals to seek out an approximate location for your devices. the situation is typically accurate to within a couple of hundred feet.

However, if your Find My shows your iPhone as offline, the function can only show its last known location—if there’s one. Offline devices show up with a black screen within the Find My app. This might happen if your own device ran out of battery or if someone turned it off.

Step by step instructions to utilize Family Sharing with Find my iPhone

Find I am merely available if you kept Find My iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch turned on within the settings of your missing device. Apple enables this feature by default, but you’ll have turned it off by signing out of your Apple ID at some point.

Unfortunately, if Find My iPhone is turned off within the settings—meaning your device doesn’t even show up as offline—there’s no way you’ll use the Find My app to seek out it.

Get A Notification When Your Offline own Devices Turn Up

If your lost iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is offline, you’ll tell the Find My app to notify you when it comes online again. this can happen when someone powers on the device or if it connects to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth again.

To set up notifications, select your offline device within the Find My app, scroll right down to reveal more options, then enable the Notify When Found option under Notifications.

The Find My app will send you a notification and Apple will email you together with your lost or stolen device’s location as soon because it comes online.

Get Directions To Your Own Lost Device

If your lost iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is online, you’ll use the Find My app to urge directions to its location.

To do so, select your device in Find My and click the Directions button. Find I will open Apple Maps and cargo a route from your current location to your lost device.

You shouldn’t attempt to retrieve your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touches yourself if you think it had been stolen. Instead, follow the instructions below to enable Lost Mode and immediately call the police to inform them where it’s.

Play A Sound To Help Find Your iPhone, IPad, Or IPod Touch

The Find My app-only offers a vague location for your own lost devices. This might assist you to narrow it right down to work, home, or the supermarket. But you’ll still struggle to seek out your iPhone, iPad, and  iPod touch if it’s tucked beneath a couch cushion or at rock bottom of the clothes hamper.

Fortunately, you’ll use Find Me to form your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch play a loud sound, making it easier to seek out when you’re nearby.

Select your device within the Find My app and prefer to Play Sound. Your device will make a sound, getting gradually louder, until you manage to seek out the device and switch it off.

Enable Lost Mode If You Can’t Find Your own Lost Device

It’s always an honest idea to enable Lost Mode if you cannot get your hands on your missing iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch directly.

Lost Mode suspends Apple Pay and locks your device, supplying you with the choice to make a passcode if you didn’t have already got one. you’ll also use Lost Mode to display a message on the screen telling whoever finds it that this device belongs to you.

After putting your device in Lost Mode, somebody can’t access any of your data without knowing your passcode.

To enable Lost Mode, select your own device in Find My and swipe up to reveal more information. Under the Lost Mode section, tap Activate. Then follow the prompts to make a passcode and write a message for people to ascertain once they find your iPhone.

Lost Mode keeps your own data safe, but it doesn’t delete any of it. this suggests you will not lose anything if you recover your device and disable Lost Mode together with your passcode.

Only Erase Your own Device If You Never Expect To Find It

Find My also gives you the choice to remotely erase all the info from your lost iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. However, you ought to only use this feature if you never expect to seek out your missing device again.

After you employ Find My to erase a tool, you cannot track its location anymore. nobody else can use your device because it’s locked to your Apple ID with Activation Lock. But you’re unlikely to ever find that device again because you cannot use Find Me to ascertain where it’s.

We only suggest you employ this feature if you’ve given abreast of ever getting your device back.

There’s More To Do If Your iPhone Is Lost Or Stolen

Using the Find My app is the easiest method to locate a lost or stolen iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. But this is not the sole tool at your disposal.

You can also check Google’s timeline, ask friends and relations, or try calling the device to concentrate on the ring. We’ve checked out everything you would like to try to seek out a lost or stolen iPhone. Using the following pointers, you ought to be ready to get your missing devices back in no time.

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